Louise Herring Award Past Winners

2017 Winners

ASSET CATEGORY: Less than $50 million

1st place: Financial Health FCU
Financial Wellness Scorecard

Financial Health FCU developed the Financial Wellness Scorecard to create a starting point which could be used for any member, at any age, to help them understand the range of financial issues they need to be aware of in order to build a better, stronger financial future. The scorecard provides a snapshot of where the member stands on eight different financial factors. The associated Guide to Financial Wellness provides thoughts, ideas and suggestions for making improvements on each of the eight financial wellness factors.

ASSET CATEGORY: $50-$250 million

1st place: Afena FCU
Afena FCU Debt Consolidation Program

Afena FCU’s debt consolidation program ties in closely with its mission of educating its members, promoting sound financial decisions and encouraging good savings practices. The credit union is in an economically challenged area; many community members live off credit or have very poor financial management skills. The credit union created the program so it could offer members a way to build their credit, save money on interest and make a goal for becoming debt-free with a closed-end loan program.

ASSET CATEGORY: $250 million - $1 billion

1st place: Financial Center FCU
International Advisory Council

Financial Center First CU formed the International Advisory Council to work with influential business and community leaders to help educate the under-banked international community in Indianapolis. The international community faces many financial barriers: language, documentation, or lack of knowledge of how the U.S. financial system works. The council advises the credit union on social and economic needs of this group and makes suggestions for the products, services, marketing and educational outreach that the credit union can extend to international consumers.

ASSET CATEGORY: $250 million - $1 billion

2nd place: Crane CU
Executive Leadership Series

Crane CU created an executive leadership series, a set of free seminars that were held at the credit union’s Franklin and Plainfield branches. Content was tailored to entrepreneurs and individuals in the small business community and covered everything from navigating office politics, planning your career, communicating with confidence and humility, and interacting with coworkers who you would otherwise prefer to avoid. In addition to in-person delivery, the credit union was able to live stream several seminars on Facebook and record the audio for podcasts for individuals who could not attend the seminars in person.

ASSET CATEGORY: $250 million - $1 billion

Honorable Mention: Via CU
80 Reasons/Random Kindness

Via CU celebrated 80 years of service by offering members a personal loan for an extended term of 80 months. In addition on the actual anniversary date, the management team took to the community to spread random acts of kindness such as purchasing gasoline, a cup of coffee or lunch for neighbors at area establishments.

ASSET CATEGORY: $1 billion or more

1st place: FORUM CU
FORUM Advisory Council

The FORUM Advisory Council is a small, hand-selected group made up of 12-15 FORUM CU members who meet annually to discuss and support credit union activities and products. The mission and purpose of the advisory council is to provide input, ideas and recommendations on matters important to members, and to also connect our members with each other. FORUM CU recruits 5-6 new members each year, and the maximum service is three years. The council has provided input concerning the product portfolio, helping plan new branch locations and layouts, mobile app changes, HR policies and much more. Serving on the council gives members an opportunity to become more familiar with the credit union, and how and why decisions are made. Experience as a council member is a great foundation to have for someone who might have an eventual interest in serving on the board of directors.

Past Winners

2016 Winners

ASSET CATEGORY: $50-250 million
1st Place: Afena FCU
Afena FCU Debt Consolidation Program

ASSET CATEGORY: $250 million - $1 billion
1st Place: Heritage FCU
HFCU Financial Counseling & Assistance for Layed-off Alcoa Workers

2nd Place: Financial Center First CU
Back to Basics

2015 Winners

ASSET SIZE: Less than $50 million
1st Place: Financial Health FCU
Drive Toward Financial Health

ASSET SIZE: $250 million-1 billion
1st Place: Financial Center First FCU
Empower Launch

2nd Place: Heritage FCU
Data Breach Member Education & Awareness Campaign

2014 Winners

ASSET SIZE: Less than $50 million
1st Place: Financial Health FCU

ASSET SIZE: $50-100 million
1st Place: General CU
Loot for Lucas Children's Club

ASSET SIZE: $250 million-1 billion
1st Place: Financial Center FCU
Establishment of Three Plllars

2nd Place: Financial Center Purdue FCU
My Member Perks

Honorable Mention: FORUM CU
Save It Up

2013 Winners

ASSET SIZE: $250 million-1 billion
1st Place: Finance Center FCU
Indiana Latino Expo


2012 Winners

ASSET SIZE: $250 million-1 billion
1st Place: Finance Center FCU
Latino Advisory Committee

ASSET SIZE: $1 billion+
1st Place: Indiana Members CU
IPS #44 Outreach

2011 Winners

1st Place: AAA FCU
Fresh Start

1st Place: FORUM CU
2010 SaveItUp Challenge program

2nd Place: Purdue FCU
Piggy Bank Challenge

Honorable Mention: Finance Center FCU
Annual Membership Appreciate Day

Honorable Mention: Heritage FCU
Seriously Different

1st Place: Indiana Members CU
Project 43 School Uniforms

2010 Winners

Asset Category: $50-250 million
First Place: Indiana State University FCU
When the little things in life provide the opportunity to CU Smile

Second Place: Industrial FCU
Going above and beyond the expected to deliver a WOW experience to every member

Asset Category: $250 million+
First Place: FORUM CU
SaveItUp Challenge 2009 participants saved $25,050 and reduced collective debt by $120,850

Second Place: Purdue Employees FCU
Timely teamwork response to members results in free, easier and more reliable member service

Honorable Mention: Finance Center FCU
It’s” take me out to the old ballgame” when membership retention is a key credit union priority


2009 Winners

Asset Category: $250 million+
First Place: Centra Credit Union
Taking the lead, meeting needs: Centra CU Provides a Helping Hand

Second Place: FORUM Credit Union
Transforming concern to action: FORUM CU says We Can Help

Honorable Mention: Finance Center Federal Credit Union
Helping members earn higher rates: Reward Checking from Finance Center FCU

Honorable Mention: Teachers Credit Union
Making a bear market bear.able: Bear Essentials Teachers CU

Asset Category: $50-$250 million
First Place: Partners 1st Federal Credit Union
Understanding and Improving your FICO® score: Partners 1st FCU FICO® Training

Second Place: First Trust Credit Union
First Trust FCU, Wage Reduction & Bankruptcy Relief Plan

2008 Winners

First Place: REGIONAL Federal Credit Union
Financial Education: Student Credit Union Branches

Honorable Mention: Fire Police City County Federal Credit Union
Burmese Outreach Program

Honorable Mention: Chiphone Federal Credit Union
Banking in Pajamas: Free Online Bill Payment

Honorable Mention: Indiana State University FCU
Focus Groups

First Place: Purdue Employees Federal Credit Union
Financial Literacy Outreach

Second Place: Interra CU
Financial Fitness Seminar Series

Second Place: Finance Center Federal Credit Union
The BillPayer Contest


2007 Winners

First Place: Regional Federal Credit Union
Setting Goals and Establishing the Groundwork for Good Money Habits

Second Place: AAA Federal Credit Union
Building a Solid Relationship with Young Credit Union Members

Honorable Mention: Chiphone Federal Credit Union
Making Tax Filing Faster and Easier with an E-Filing Program

First Place: Teachers Credit Union
Preparing for a Rainy Day with the Creation of TCU Savers Club

Second Place: Finance Center Federal Credit Union (Financial Center)
Promoting Financial Literacy



2006 Winners

First Place: Finance Center FCU
Member Financial Literacy Training


2005 Winners

There were no entries in the Louise Herring competition in 2005.




2004 Winners

First Place: Purdue EFCU
Deposit Day

Second place: Indiana Members CU
Make a Wish/Family FUN-Raiser

2003 Winners

First Place: Sagamore Community FCU
Response to Bank Attack Advertising

First Place: Purdue EFCU
Life Skills Program

Second Place: Elkhart County Farm Bureau CU
Financial Seminar Series

Honorable Mention: Professional FCU
Carroll R. Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund