AffirmX Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool

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Delivered through AffirmX's Risk Intel Platform, the AffirmX Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool is designed to help you identify your institution's cybersecurity risks and level of preparedness to address those risks. A smart questionnaire guides you through the FFIEC Inherent Risk Profile, assessing how each of your products and services affect your institution's risk profile. It also guides you through the FFIEC Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment, which identifies risks and determines their cybersecurity maturity. Responses are applied to AffirmX's risk-scoring algorithm to assign risk ratings to each category of the assessment. Those responses and scores generate a comprehensive, written report that allows you to easily identify specific areas and levels of risk and to identify whether your incident response programs and internal controls are appropriate to address those levels of inherent risk.

The AffirmX Cyber Security Risk Assessment Tool helps you:

  • Identify the factors the contribute to you institution's overall cyber risk
  • Assess the level of your preparedness to address those risks
  • Evaluate whether your preparedness is appropriately aligned with your risk profile
  • Determine the risk management practices and controls that could be improved or further actions that could be taken to reach the desired level of preparedness
  • Enhance your overall risk management
  • On-demand access to its Cybersecurity Risk Questionnaire
  • Risk scoring for each category identified in the FFIEC self-assessment tool
  • Comprehensive risk-coded Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Report that you can generate upon completion of the questionnaire
  • Online storage vault to retain the electronic version of your Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
For more information, contact David Hawkins.