Brokered IT Services

The League and Servicecorp has worked with local Indiana vendors to negotiate wholesale price discounts on products and services especially for affiliates. Vendors with whom we are brokering these IT services include: VACO, Presidio, TruWerks, CBTS, Wired Communications and others who have committed to special pricing for credit unions. These discounted rates are better than what a credit union would be able to receive on its own. These preferred vendors are best-in-class for Indiana, and they have a significant track record of providing these services to many companies in Indiana. 

If you would like further information, contact Tony Hackett, 317-594-5326 or

Current Services Offerings


IT Infrastructure & Assessment

This would include any or all the following items:

  • Intrusion detection: Scan to assess security
  • Vulnerability scanning: Scan environment and assess risks
  • Active Directory (AD) assessment: Policies, setup
  • Hardware assessment: Servers, PCs, wiring (age, patching level, firmware level, etc.)
  • Network assessment: Switches, routers, wireless, protocols in use, devices connected to network
  • WAN assessment: Speed, utilization, VLANs, trunks, routing, etc.
  • Software assessment: What tools do they have to manage the environment, license monitoring, inventory list
  • Disaster Recovery Planning/Business Impact Analysis: Does a plan and documentation exist?

Includes final assessment report and presentation to the credit union to communicate findings and recommended next steps. Tiered pricing structure based on credit union size: Small (1-10 FTE), Medium (11-49 FTE), Large (50+ FTE)

Penetration Testing

Social engineering and penetration testing from cyber security experts.
Tiered pricing structure based on credit union size.

  • Small (1-10 FTE), Medium (11-49 FTE), Large (50+ FTE)

Licensing Audit Reports

Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco, Adobe, etc.

Hardware & Software Sourcing

  • Hardware sourcing for desktops, laptops, peripherals.
  • Software sourcing & licensing.

Managed IT Services

The League has Help Desk resource offerings available. With a managed IT resource, your credit union would have:

  • Cisco & Microsoft certified local sourced resources
  • Additional Tier II and III assistance with network and server resources as needed
  • Documentation and ticket tracking statistics./li>
  • Broad knowledge of compliance and audit best practices
  • Availability of 8x5 next business day support up to 24x7x365 support
  • Clearly defined and tracked Project statement of work (SOW), Service level agreements (SLAs) and Master service agreements (MSAs)

Cloud Services

Co-location / Disaster Recovery / Data Archiving
Offered through Online Tech these services include:

  • Hosted data center
  • Hybrid data center
  • Disaster recovery as a service and data archiving as a service.

Telephony Service & Hosted Voice VOIP

WAN pricing and consolidation options, current invoice billing analysis, telephony audits.

  • Hosted Voice solutions for credit unions based on volume.
  • Prices vary based on volume but range between $16.00 and $24.00 per month per line.

Dedicated Project-based Resources

  • Help desk resources
  • Server/Infrastructure implementation and support
  • SharePoint
  • Application Development

Wiring & Infrastructure Cabling

Installation and troubleshooting of Cat5, 6, 6e, fiber optics, racking, telepohony wire.

ADA Website Compliance

  • ADA Compliance scanning, one time, quarterly, or on demand.
  • Web page corrections to any findings on your sites.

Additional Service Offerings

The League and Servicecorp will be adding additional services in the coming months that are targeted toward credit union needs. So, if you have a specific need you do not see listed, please contact us to so we will be able to assess if we currently have this services available with a current partner or if we need to explore additional service offerings.