A financial analysis tool for survival into the next century!

Fin-Alysis is a tool for tracking and analyzing key financial trends. Pricing services, setting rates, costing savings programs - they require more information than is available on your normal balance sheet income and expense statements. To make sound decisions, credit union directors and managers needs trends, ratios, and a method to forecast trends. They need reliable predictions based on sound assumptions, to predict the result of their decisions. It pulls information from the financial statements and the financial reports, laying them out in a spread sheet format that is easy to read and understand.

Credit unions on the Fin-Alysis program send financial statements and supporting data to the League each month. Consultants analyze the data and produce several computer-model reports:

  • Trends Report provides more than 25 key ratios and calculations
  • Projections for the next three years
  • Spread Analysis Report provides a breakdown of yields, cost savings, and cost of funds on various asset and savings categories
  • A Budget Variance Report shows dollar and percentage variances between the credit union's monthly and year-to-date financial and the annual budget
  • Ratio Comparisons Report compares the credit union's key ratios to those of similar credit unions not only in asset size, but also common bond
  • GAP Report attempts to estimate the rate sensitivity between the asset and liability side of the balance sheet
  • Allocation of funds matrix monitors the changes in your sources and uses of funds

Time-saving analysis

Credit unions can't afford to gamble on decisions about introducing new services or pricing existing ones. But there are many demands on the time of management, staff and volunteers. The information needed to make a decision on just one new program can require the manager's precious time researching general ledger accounts, compiling information, and tracking information to update statistics.

Our special ingredient - people

Unlike other computer programs of this type, Fin-Alysis comes equipped with something special - people. The League consultants will back-up this program by assisting in gathering information and by interpreting the computerized results.

The human support staff, which is so important in making any computer-assisted system work is already in place at the League. For example, if the board needs help in interpreting key trends appearing in the reports, a League consultant will be available to present the reports, to explain what the numbers mean and to review the credit union's options.

Getting started

For more information about this fee-based program, contact a League consultant at (317) 594-5300.