Indiana Credit Union League Political Action Committee – Response Requested by Dec. 31

by Chris Beaumont, John McKenzie | Nov 28, 2017
To: Managers/CEOs, Affiliated Credit Unions; ICUPAC Trustees; Political Involvement Leadership Advisory Group

As was relayed to you yesterday in a message from John McKenzie and me, the Indiana Credit Union League (League) is establishing a new federal political action committee (PAC) called the Indiana Credit Union League Political Action Committee (INCULPAC). We write to you today to request that you take steps before the end of the year that are necessary to permit your participation in this important credit union advocacy effort.
Our goal for INCULPAC is to provide a more unified, focused PAC fundraising interface for Indiana credit unions, and provide the League with additional flexibility to support Indiana’s federal candidates. Even so, pursuant to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations, the League/INCULPAC maintains its affiliation with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and its PAC, the Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC). Therefore, the League and CUNA will both continue to be permitted to solicit contributions for each PAC, and work together to provide financial support to federal candidates.
FEC regulations permit federal PACs, their connected organizations, and their affiliated organizations and PACs to solicit contributions from individual members and/or executive and administrative personnel of credit unions only if the credit union has granted such permission to the PAC through the execution of a Solicitation Permission Agreement (SPA). A credit union may only enter into one SPA during a calendar year.
Therefore, if your credit union has already entered into a SPA for 2018, then your credit union may not enter into a SPA with the League/INCULPAC unless your credit union formally withdraws the current SPA. Formal withdrawal of the SPA may be completed by filling out the Withdrawal Notice available hereHowever, if your current SPA is with CUNA/CULAC then you do not need to complete a Withdrawal Notice or new SPA because the FEC recognizes the League and CUNA as affiliated organizations. Affiliated organizations and their PACs may solicit contributions from members and/or executive and administrative personnel of any credit union that has entered into a valid SPA with any one of the affiliated organizations. (It is important to note that we will not solicit a credit union’s members without the consent and participation of the credit union.)
If your credit union has entered into a SPA with any other federal organization or PAC, including the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU), but would like to encourage participation in the newly formed INCULPAC then your organization must formally withdraw the current SPA because those organizations are not considered affiliates of the League under FEC regulations.
  • If you believe that you have previously entered into a SPA with NAFCU or another federal organization, for 2018 or years beyond, and instead wish to participate in the League’s new PAC, then please complete the Withdrawal Notice available here and the INCULPAC SPA available here.
  • If your credit union has not entered into a valid SPA with any organization or PAC for 2018 or years beyond, but wishes to participate in INCULPAC, then please complete and return only the attached INCULPAC SPA.
All documents should be completed and returned to Chris Beaumont, SVP of Governmental Affairs, at or by fax at (317) 594-5335 by December 31, 2017. For this important advocacy program to be effective, it is critically important that you review this information and sign and return the applicable documents before the end of the year. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Chris at or at (800) 285-5300, ext. 5335. Thank you in advance for supporting our advocacy efforts!