Brokered IT Services

by SERVICECORP | Feb 01, 2018


We are pleased to announce a new offering for credit unions. The League’s IT department has worked with local Indiana vendors to negotiate wholesale price discounts on products and services especially for affiliates. Vendors with whom we are brokering these IT services include: VACO, Presidio, TruWerks, CBTS, Wired Communications, and others who have committed to special pricing for credit unions. These discounted rates are better than what a credit union would be able to receive on its own. These preferred vendors are best-in-class for Indiana, and they have a significant track record of providing these services to many companies in Indiana.

We are here to help! feel free to reach out to us for any of your Information technology needs. If you have questions or needs please contact Tony Hackett, 317-594-5326 or tonyh@servicecorp.com


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