NADA Valuations – National Automobile Dealers Association

by SERVICECORP | Feb 01, 2018

JD NADA logo
NADA Used Car Guide offers a wide range of accurate vehicle values. NADA online values are used daily by credit unions nationwide. Through Servicecorp's strategic partnership with NADA, Indiana credit unions may access values online at a discounted rate for the following types of vehicles: New Cars; Used Passenger Cars and Light-Duty Trucks; Motorcycles; Snowmobiles; ATVs and Personal Watercraft; RVs; Commercial Trucks; Classic, Collectible and Muscle Cars; Vintage, Collective and Retro Motorcycles; Marine Vehicles; and Farm Equipment. Questions about NADA can be directed to Robin Litel at Servicecorp, (800) 285-5300, ext. 5306, or robinl@servicecorp.com.


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